Hey Leute nun mal etwas andere auf meiner Hompage  ;) my Dream Summer Holidays..

Hey guys. in my summer holidays I was on Gran Canaria with my family and my Grandma. That was so fantastic. We flew 2 hours  and after than we drive with the bus. In the hotel we slept on the sofa ;) the day end for us.The next day beginn with sun in the air and hot weather. At the morning we going to the breakfast. That was very good ;). After than we swimming in the pool and in the Ozean ;). They second day end of Grand Canaria. In the middel of the week we was shopping on the market, bought souveniers and other fantastic trips. On a Day we relax at the pool but than came an Animateur and wanted to dance with me.! that was so funny! but I was not dance..after than I was reading at the Ocean !! thats the best trip in the holiday but the Ocean was too hot that was not so good :( at the end of my holiday we drive to the airport and fly to Germany. That was a realy great big trip.


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